Tax Point Advisors

Tax Point Advisors

Tax Point Advisors is comprised of a team of certified professional engineers, CPAs and tax attorneys focused on helping CPAs and their clients apply for and receive substantial energy deductions and Federal and state Research and Development Tax Credits. We have offices in a growing number of states and serve CPAs and clients across the U.S.

We have a industry-leading audit success, never having had a claim denied. This is because we don’t just calculate energy deductions and R&D credits, we also conduct a thorough on-site review process for every study, then we write a bulletproof, audit-defensible study report. We differ from other tax credit study service providers by conducting our research at client sites for every study, by performing our work on a simple, fixed fee basis (thereby offering complete transparency and a clear, pre-determined ROI for your client); and by having a Tax Point Advisors partner manage every study.   This and other best practices are at the core of our industry-leading audit success rate to date. We put our CPA partners and their clients in control, first by listening, then by working diligently, to design solutions that help deliver maximum cash flow.

Federal R&D Credit

The Federal government provides a Research and Development Tax Credit as economic stimulus to spur job creation and keep innovation and creativity on U.S. soil. Many recent legislative changes have made it easier than ever for companies to qualify. Tax Point Advisors’ specialists constantly monitor any changes in legislation and tax code to bring companies the greatest extent of qualified credit. Learn more about our process here.

State R&D Credit

Over 70% of states now offer an R&D credit, adding value to a tax credit study. Some states offer extended credit packages that can exceed the Federal credit amount. Each state offering a credit has specific benefits and limitations; the experts at Tax Point Advisors guide companies through these intricacies to ensure maximum, fully defensible benefit.

Continuing Professional Education

Tax Point Advisors offers one to four hour CPE programs to CPAs to aid in educating staff about the Research and Development credits while providing CPE credits necessary for maintaining certification and accreditation.